We provide custom commercial construction documents. Our plans include, but not limited to the following:
  1. Foundation Plans - These plans consist of dimensioned footings and brick/block/cast-in-place walls. This plan is needed to start your excavation.
  2. Floor Plans - These documents reflect the walls of the house, as well as the doors, windows, sinks, etc. Walls are drawn as actual wood rough openings ensuring a smoother building process.
  3. Door and Window Schedule - This table of data gives you an itemized list of the door and windows needed to meet your design needs. This universal chart allows you to apply for quotes from multiple vender/manufactures.
  4. Elevations - The elevations are a representation of the four exterior sides of your project. These plans call out finishes and denote bearing heights.
  5. Roof Plan - The roof plan is a bird's eye view looking straight down on your structure. This plan informs your builder where hips, valleys and ridges are as well as the roof pitches.
3-D Rendering
3-d rendering